Studio 2 / Studio 3
21 Cemetery Road
Helensburgh NSW 2508
Phone +61 403 938 831
ABN 38 169 887 144


LEGAL LIABILITY The Studio Equipment or Studio remain the absolute property of LundinStudio. The Hirer accepts full responsibility for any damages arising from the Hirer’s use of LundinStudio premises, including but not limited to, personal injury and equipment damage. The Hirer will be liable for any loss, breakage or damage caused to LundinStudio equipment or fixtures and fittings and will be charged the full replacement cost of these items. LundinStudio does not accept any liability for any monies held at the premises belonging to the Hirer or for any loss or damage to the equipment or personal effects of the Hirer or the Hirer’s associates.
OUR INSURANCE - EXCLUSIONS Our insurance does not cover the following: This list is not limited and is subject to our insurer and our insurance policy. (i) Intentional damage or loss; (ii) Gross negligence or wilful damage; (iii) Damage caused by electrical currents; (iv) Damage caused by domestic or wild animals; (v) Theft of unattended unlocked vehicle, Studio or site; (vi) Not using the Studio in accordance with our directions; (vii) Not using Equipment in accordance with directions of the manufacturer;
YOUR INSURANCE - CERTIFICATE OF CURRENCY The Hirer agrees to obtain their own Public Liability Insurance for personal injury and for any damage to property and valuables stored within the Studio(s) and onsite. The Hirer will provide a copy of their Certificate of Currency for insurance to LundinStudio for the period hired. Upload document.
YOUR LICENCE, ACCREDITATION OR CERTIFICATION If the Hirer is providing training or other services that require them to be licenced, accredited or certified, the Hirer will provide a copy of their licence, accreditation or certificate valid for the period hired. Upload document.